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Mary Kay Polsemen, DC

Back in Balance Chiropractic



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I have been a patient of Dr. Polsemen's for several years and have been extremely satisified with both the NET treatments and chiropractic adjustments I have received. Dr. Polsemen is knowledgeable and professional, treats her patients with warmth and compassion. I especially appreciate her gentle chiropractic technique, which I find to be comfortable during treatment and long lasting after treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Polsemen's services to anyone in search of chiropractic care or NET treatments! I started coming to Dr. Polsemen because of some chronic discomfort in one hip. Previous regular chiropractic adjustments had been helpful but only for a short time with each treatment. (I have had chiropractic care for several other issues over the years, and had not encounterd this type of chronic problem.) I had heard about NET treatments, and sought out a chiropractor who was also an NET practitioner. Between the chiropractic adjustments and the NET treatments, the discomfort in my hip showed consistent improvement. At this point I still come in for regular adjustments, but my hip feels normal nearly all the time. I consider that a great success!


Diana H.

Pleasant Hill


Dr. Polsemen has helped me tremendously. She is sincere and dedicated to my well-being. She is intuitive, efficient, positive, grounded and honest. I could barely walk due to lower back pain and I was mentally confused in every aspect - suffering from lack of confidence & overly hyperconcerned about opinions. Dr. Polsemen has not only helped reduce my physical pain; she has been proactive in a fresh, nurturing, concerned and beautiful way.


I am now able to live my life as I want, free from emotional and physical burdens. Sensitive to environments and social situations, she has helped put me at ease with confidence and clarity.


Fatimah S.


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